DealerDMS recognized an under-served and often expensive proposition for startup and smaller dealers (5-50 sales per month). This DMS allows a dealership to launch a DMS without contract and no upfront cost. Traditionally we supported larger independent dealerships across the world. with a full DMS including General Ledger, Service, Parts and much more. However most smaller dealers only require a fraction of our services. With this in mind we have approached a niche market with an awesome product for USA Dealers. starting 2021.   

How we make a reasonable profit is simple.  We take many 3rd party automotive vendors and integrated their products within the DMS.  Products,  Dealers use on a daily basis.
There are usage charges for some advanced features. Please see our pricing menu above.

When and if you grow your dealership to a larger entity start using more advanced features including General Ledger, Service & Parts Departments without skipping a beat.

Remember If you have a good month then we have a good month. If you have a bad month, We have a bad month.