Lets face it starting or growing a business is not for the weak of heart. Watching and managing every dollar is paramount, Especially start-ups. What experience has taught
us is simply. Dealers need the basics in one application.

1:  Need to manage inventory and integrate with your website.
2: Need to fetch leads and bring them into your DMS ready to pencil.
3: Need to fetch and or send deal data for financing and other F&I products.  
4: Need to print all documents      
5: Need to get sales history data in reports or raw exportable data.
6: BHPH Manage my accounts and make sure they are collected in a timely manner.  
7: Follow-up with my past customers from time to time. 

These are the basics when it comes down to it. This is what you need to get the doors
open, no more no less, and remember, when you are ready to expand, DealerDMS will
grow with you. Save your money for advertising and reconditioning,  you're going to
need it!